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Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are becoming more popular again, and there are plenty of reasons why. With a lifespan 10-15 years longer than asphalt, often lasting around 30-40 years, concrete is a worthy investment if you are willing to maintain it properly. If you’re considering making…

September 26, 2020

Home projects NOT to do yourself

We live in a DIY world. If there is a video online for how to do something, there’s a good chance you can figure out how to do it. While saving money by doing certain projects yourself can be rewarding in many different ways,…

September 24, 2020

Kitchen Tiled Accent Walls

As simplified, clean styles continue to be the face of home design, there is no surprise that adding a tiled accent wall can be enough to bring life to a room without cluttering it with unnecessary decor. Though they are all tiles, wall tiles…

September 23, 2020

Getting Pre Qualified to Buy A Home

If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you’re likely realizing that one of the most important parts of the process is getting approved for a mortgage that works for you. To get the best rate and avoid losing your deposit, steer clear of…

September 22, 2020

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Extra square footage might not be your thing. Maybe you don’t like having too much extra space, or maybe you’re saving up to up your square footage. Either way, you may be looking for ways to better utilize what space you do have now…

September 21, 2020

Investing In Rental Properties

If you are considering becoming a property investor, you may wonder why you should buy a rental and what indicators to look for when trying to find a property. Here are some signs to look for if you are on the fence about investing…

September 20, 2020

DIY projects for the entire family

Having kids doesn’t mean home improvements need to go on the back burner. While children can’t help with every project, letting them help when the project meets their skill level will not only help them feel included, but it will also turn household projects…

September 18, 2020

Why people are reusing their dining rooms

More and more, we see families on the go. Dinners have evolved and formal dining is becoming a way of the past – or is reserved just for special occasions. With that in mind, we see more and more often that dining rooms are…

September 18, 2020

Idaho Property Tax 101

Idaho property taxes are very different than the neighboring states. First of all, property taxes in Idaho are also paid in arrears.  That means we don’t pay your property taxes for the current year until December 20th of that same year and then, you…

September 10, 2020